Call for Papers

Margins is seeking conference submissions that explore the ways in which humanistic inquiry is being reimagined or otherwise influenced by the onset of the age of the network. While our conference is constructed around a digital humanities (DH) approach to research, we highly encourage non-traditional proposals and projects across all disciplines. We are excited by the ideas that have fallen through the cracks, ones that openly dispute the dogmatic narratives of place and presence in the contemporary digital atmosphere, where space often becomes a point of fierce contestation. As Steven Jones argues in The Emergence of the Digital Humanities, the digital has been, and always will be, physical, an idea that reveals a landscape of margins that are oftentimes imaginary, in constant flux or otherwise ontologically troublesome. The DH community is often one that is marginalized for a variety of reasons, and our response is a designed space where a skeptical reverence for traditional media combines with an approach to digital studies that risks the eclectic for a chance to reconfigure the way we approach humanities research. Read the full CFP.

Keynote Speaker

Sid Dobrin

Dr. Sidney Dobrin is Professor and Chair in the Department of English at the University of Florida, where for ten years he directed the writing program and for three years served as the Graduate Coordinator. He is the author and editor of numerous articles and books, including Postcomposition, which won the 2011 W. Ross Winterowd award for best book in composition theory. See Dr. Dobrin's full biography.

Conference Info

  • Location: Clemson, SC
  • Dates: February 25–26, 2016
  • Sponsor: Clemson University English Department

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